Practical matters

If you haven’t had therapy before, I thought it would be helpful to give you a feel for how it all works:

I see clients at my house in Norton, Malton or at TACT in Redcar.
My fee is £40 per hour, but this is negotiable in cases of genuine hardship.

My fee for supervision £40 per hour.

Sessions are normally weekly, and for one hour, but this can be flexible to meet your needs. Payment is normally weekly.

The first session normally takes the form of an initial assessment. You have a chance to say why you have decided to have therapy, and perhaps what you hope to get out of it. The therapist is able to think about possible ways of helping. You aren’t obliged to attend further sessions if you feel that this therapist is not what you want.

If you decide to continue, usually we would contract for six sessions initially, and review progress at week six, with the option to continue. Some therapists have a cancellation policy, and may expect you to pay whether you come or not. I don’t expect you to pay if you give 24 hours notice of cancellation.

All personal information you disclose in a session is confidential, and will not be passed on to anyone else. The only exceptions would be if the therapist felt that you, or someone else was in danger, or if information was required by a court. A therapist may discuss issues raised in therapy during supervision, but the client would remain anonymous.

John Deacon, integrative psychotherapy - practical matters

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